Pure Honey

At our farm, we sell pure 100% eastern Ontario honey. Our honey is unpasteurized and has not been filtered. Before bottling, the honey is strained to remove debris only. Because our honey has minimal processing, occasionally you will see crystallization on the bottom of the jar.

With the exception of comb honey, any honey you purchase will be processed to some degree. Most large-scale honey producers, heat (pasteurize) and pressure-filter the honey before it’s bottled. They do this to improve the shelf life of the honey or to improve its appearance.

Honey is a nutritious food, containing many minerals, enzymes and antioxidants. Heating the honey destroys some of these valuable nutrients and can alter the natural flavour. The filtering process removes most of the healthful benefits of the bee pollen.*

We hope you enjoy the full range of flavour and pure honey health benefits from eating honey close to its natural state.

Storage tip: Any type of pure honey will eventually begin to crystallize. When this happens, put the honey in a pan of hot (not scalding) water until it’s liquid again.


*Reference: Raw Honey Health Benefits, Bees-and-Beekeeping.com